It’s the Same Classic Game,

Just Totally Different

Train and Battle With GoCube, a Smart Connected Cube That Does It All

Play | Improve | Compete 

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Inertial Measurement Unit

Tracks orientation and position

Low Power Usage

Battery charges via MicroUSB 

Bluetooth 5.0

connection to your phone

Smart Sensors

Continuously track and measure activity

Light Indicators

Let you know your status

The Ultimate Puzzle- Now Connected.


Whether just getting started or leveling up, GoCube’s got your back.

Learn, Improve, Measure

  • Beginner? Learn the basics
  • Pro? Shave pesky seconds off your completion time


Play against your friends or strangers

VS Mode, Leaderboards, Live Competitions

  • Pick from boards of people looking to cube
  • Battle your way to the top of the leaderboards
  • Play friends or enemies across the world
  • Be the best at any specific aspect of cubing


GoCube opens up a world of play

Mini-Games, Missions and 3rd Party Games

  • Mini-missions to solve cubes
  • Games that improve your handling and instincts
  • Use your cube as a controller
  • Play our game of twisting and turning in rhythm

Tracks Your Cubing to the Millisecond

Get all the data from the internal sensors:

  • Turns per second
  • Number of moves
  • Internal gyro and accelerometer knows the exact position
  • Move history
  • Advanced stats
  • Time to completion
  • Smart tracking- knows the cube’s exact status even when disconnected

Now LIVE on Indiegogo

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